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Is going Vegan the answer to farm animal abuse?

NO the answer is to hold animal abusers accountable for their actions and honor those who do the right thing by the animals.

National Dairy FARM is a program created by dairy farmers to set a baseline for animal care and move forward from there, our farm along with many others in the US have embraced this program to help weed out the bad actors.

This afternoon I learned of another undercover video of animal abuse in agriculture and quite honestly I feel let down by fell animal caretakers. I am as horrified as ever that some of the things caught on tape are even happening in agriculture today. There are proper means to euthanize animals to end their suffering, using a hand tool to prolong that suffering is not proper or ethical.

Many farmers like myself and my family spend long hours caring for our animals the proper way only to have one bad actor ruin it for thousands. I personally have given up sleep and meals to make sure the cows came first I know farmers who brave some of the worst weather know to mankind to rescue animals and the thanks we get from another caretaker of animals is a slap in the face. I hope anyone found guilty of any wrongdoing faces the maximum punishment possible.

This is a short post because the more I think about what to write the angrier I get about the whole situation you can read some of my previous thought on animal abuse in some previous posts:

Different undercover footage same reaction from me: Outrage 

Update on the Animal Rights activists use of sensationalism


About raylindairy

Ray is a partner with his parents in Ray-Lin Dairy in Denair, Ca. The operation milks 475 cows and double crops corn & winter forage on 130 of the 240 acres with about 90 acres of pasture. The family also has 1200 ac operation in Klamath Falls OR that raises alfalfa hay, wheat hay, and oat hay. Ray is currently secretary of the Agchat Foundation an entity he helped found whose mission is to empower farmer to use social media. He is currently a on the board of directors of CA Dairy Campaign, Dairy CARES, and is the 2nd Vice-President of Stanislaus County Farm Bureau. He is also a member of the National Dairy Board. In addition to his involvement in agricultural organizations’ he is the Chairperson of the Governance Committee at a newly formed charter school his daughter attends, and serves as a director for the East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District. Ray and his wife Erica live on the dairy with their two children.


12 thoughts on “Is going Vegan the answer to farm animal abuse?

  1. I don’t like anybody telling me what to eat, and it bothers me that there’s often that tag line, ‘go vegan’ or some such thing at the end of some spiel from the animal activists’ sites. I went vegetarian after reading ‘Eating Animals’ last fall, and it’s been a hard road. I’m not sorry. I realize nobody likes being preached to.

    I love dairy, I love cheese. BUT — if dairies won’t bother to find out what’s going on at their supply level, who is? They are quick to point out this E6 place is not a dairy, as if that absolves them of any responsibility.

    They have left the policing to organizations like MFA, and so a lot more people like me, who don’t really WANT to, may decide to go vegan until the industry is cleaned up. Dairies need to pay more attention to what’s going on, not just growth and profit!

    Posted by Kami | April 20, 2011, 2:50 PM
  2. I tried to leave a “know your farmer” comment on what I think may be the video you’re talking of. We’ll see if it gets “moderated” and not even approved. I ABHOR the sensationalism that these videos create in the name of going vegan or vegetarian (which the video I saw stated *WRONGLY* was the solution to all animal cruelty) use to their advantage. There are pros and cons to EVERY consumer position, and the only REAL solution is to KNOW YOUR FARMER. Whether they grow cows, milk or vegetables. We as consumers should ask to know where our food is coming from, and support those in the industry that use the practices we support!! When the Ohio video came out, I shared it, and encouraged all my friends not to become vegan, but to CALL THEIR DAIRIES and ask what kind of policies and ways to enforce those they had in place. I got a very favorable reply, and am happy to say the dairy I buy milk from (when I’m not drinking my own goat milk) follows practices I can live with.

    Posted by rachel whetzel | April 20, 2011, 3:23 PM
    • I think that people do not spend enough time knowing where the most basic of human needs come from. For that matter I think that Americans care more about price than quality for all their consumer goods. We need to support responsible products that contribute to our economy in spite of the additional cost. It keeps our fellow Americans working. We are the biggest consumers in the world. It is time we wise up and become wise to our position in the world. We can never compete globally if we do not support our own products. Pay more support our own economy!! wake up…

      Posted by Catherine Post | April 22, 2011, 5:24 PM
    • Best response I’ve heard since reading these!

      Posted by Lisa Burt | January 24, 2017, 7:20 AM
  3. Hi Ray,

    I grew up in surrounded by family farms in SW Pennsylvania and worked on many of them with my friends and their families.

    With all due respect, my family and I are done. We are officially after seeing the E6 video gone vegan….PERIOD. Now I’m a guy (I actually investigate transportation accidents now) most people would say with an extremely tough mind and stomach for my job. However, I am absolutley disgusted and, honestly, will probably never get that video out of my mind. I have seen many animal cruelty videos and issues and I still am in shock about what I saw.

    Now I understand exactly what you mean when you speak of your farm and proper treatment of the animals. But, the factory farms (which is one bad actor after another) are literaly ruining for the small farmers.

    The public is tired of the abuse. Now I know I will get responses like everyone that is Vegan is ‘crazy’ and must worship PETA or whatever…but I can assure you that my family of 6 is neither. We just have big hearts and a concern for the earth and all living creatures. It’s so simple.

    Posted by Jeff | April 27, 2011, 9:01 PM
    • Jeff freedom to choose is something I believe strongly in addition to having choices. My family’s farm is what many would classify as a “factory farm” and we are doing everything we can be different than those videos.

      Posted by raylindairy | May 4, 2011, 10:28 PM


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