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Chocolate Malted Krunch needs your vote!

Ice Cream

Crunchy Malt balls, chocolate chips, all swirled into creamy Chocolate ice cream...need I say more?

I have been asked by Progressive Dairyman Magazine to take part in an Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off for their June is Dairy Month activities. The flavor I have chosen is Chocolate Malted Krunch from Thrifty Ice Cream available at select Rite Aid stores, Coscto Business Centers, Costco.com and various local ice cream shops.

Ice Cream

Order your own at Costco.com!

Here is why I have chosen Chocolate Malted Krunch:

Crunchy Malt balls, chocolate chips, all swirled into creamy Chocolate ice cream…need I say more? 
Who can forget going shopping at Thrifty’s with mom while out on summer break only to get ice cream? The warm California summer made thrifty ice cream a welcome treat and the cylindrical scoop added to the mystique of it all. Oh the joy when mom said yes to a scoop or three when she finished shopping. Thrifty Ice Cream is a West Coast institution started when the Borun brothers added ice cream to their Thrifty stores in the 1940’s little did they know the cult sensation that would follow the delicious treat into the next century. 

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July is Ice Cream month


Here is how I am celebrating, with a bowl full of the dairy good treat! Triple chocolate ice cream covered with chocolate chips, almonds, coconut, and chocolate sauce. The cute Minnie Mouse bowl makes it taste even better.

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