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Today’s thought: Lifting the human spirit…

There’s nothing that lifts the human spirit more than making one feel like they matter for who they are…

…today I felt like I mattered when a simple blog post with a silly title was as popular as it was.

Thank you!

Nuggets of brilliance come unexpectedly…

Today’s thought: A mind is just like a book, when they are open learning happens, when closed they’re nearly useless. So let’s remember that in all we do to keep open minds because we may learn something because brilliant nuggets often show up when least expected.

Today’s thought: We’re all human…

No matter the opinion we’re all human,
so let’s treat each other as humans.

Just a farmer… Just a person…

Today’s thought: Farmers are people too, we enjoy many of the same hobbies as other’s who walk this great earth. We farmers might be small in numbers however mighty in what we provide as nourishment to this world. Yes farmers are humans first and we are emotionally connected to being the best caretaker’s we can be for our great resources in this world.

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